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Loan Deferments & Address Changes

Loan Deferments

Your loan payment may be placed in deferment. The deferment options are dependent on the type and date of loan. Please contact Bursar's Accounts Receivable at (520) 621-3572 to discuss your deferment options.

Please Note:

All student deferments must be completed for each semester that you are registered for classes, either at the University of Arizona, or at another institution.

For more information, or to download Institutional and Federal Loan Deferment forms, visit ESCI at

Update Your Address

UAccess does not connect to and update the UA's loan billing service address records. If you received a long-term institutional or Federal loan, other than a Stafford loan, you must maintain your address information with Bursar's Accounts Receivable, as well as UAccess. Please contact the Bursar's Office Accounts Receivable department at (520) 621-3572 to make any address and telephone changes.

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