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Methods for Depositing Funds

All policies and procedures regarding receiving and depositing funds on behalf of The University of Arizona are covered in Policy 8.10.

Contact the Bursar Banking Services Coordinator at 621-1711 for further information on any of these methods.

Departments on campus can make a deposit by one of the following methods:

Departmental Deposits made with a Bursar Representative

Departments who collect funds on behalf of The University of Arizona and have not been issued an Outlet/Location number will prepare a Cash Receipt and will bring their deposits directly to the Bursar's Office.

A Few Important Rules:
  • Complete a Cash Receipt in UAccess Financials prior to making the deposit
  • Deposit all proceeds daily
  • Never send cash or checks via campus mail. Deposits must be hand delivered to the Bursar’s Office in the University Services Building, Room 106
  • Deposits with $500 or more in cash (currency & coin) must have a UAPD escort.  To request an escort, call 419-9502 or 621-UAPD (621-8273)

A Bursar Representative must process your deposit and issue a receipt. Departmental representatives may not "drop off" deposits. If the merchant window is not available, please wait for the next available Bursar Representative.

Night Deposit Vault

A night deposit vault is available to those departments who are identified as a Direct Deposit Department. If the department is not scheduled to have their deposits picked up by UAPD Police Aide, the night deposit vault is an option to secure deposit funds. Deposits placed in the vault after 2pm will be processed with the next day's work.

Bring secured deposit bag to the Bursar's Office

Departments who have missed the UAPD Police Aide service earlier in the day, or who receive a deposit later in the day can bring their secured tamper proof deposit bag directly to the Bursar's Office before 4 pm. These funds will be delivered to our partnering bank later that same day.

Deposits picked up by UAPD Police Aide

A department that has been established as a Direct Deposit department can be scheduled to have their funds picked up by a UAPD Police Aide. The scheduled pick up is based on the departments business needs. Deposits will be secured in a tamper proof deposit bag, the Police Aide log is completed by the department representative, the department representative is escorted to the UAPD Police Aide vehicle and the funds are "dropped" in a vault. The funds will be delivered to our partnering bank later that same day.

Deposits picked up by Armored Carrier Services

The University of Arizona contracts with an Armored Carrier Service to pick up Direct Deposit Departments deposits for those departments who collect a large sum of monies throughout the day. There is a fee for this service which is passed on to the department.

Deposits taken directly to our partnering bank

Departments that are not physically located on The University of Arizona campus and have been approved by the Bursar Banking Services Coordinator can make deposits directly with the University's partnering bank. The department must be set up as an outlet/location, make regular deposits and follow Policy 8.10.