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Reconciling UAccess Financials to UAccess Student

Two University systems merge data on a daily basis: UAccess Student and UAccess Financials. The item types that are used to post debits and credits to a student's UAccess account will then feed into the UAccess Financials system overnight and place the debits/credits into the UAccess Financials accounts assigned to each item type. Bursar Accounting maintains and reconciles this daily Accounting Feed. Many times, departments will contact fso-cashandclearing [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (Financial Management - Cash and Clearing) for information on a UAccess Financials entry. Bursar Accounting can provide the department with more detailed information on the debit/credit affecting their UAccess Financials account. The information the department would need to provide is the UAccess Financials account number and the date of the transaction as it is shown on the UAccess Financials report.