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Account Summary Information

Account Summaries are mailed each month and must be paid in full by the due date to avoid past due balance charges. Do not wait to receive an Account Summary; check your account balance on UAccess and make payments. Account Summaries are sent as a courtesy and are only accurate as of the day they are printed.

To ensure Account Summary delivery, verify or update your billing address on UAccess.

Tuition charges are time-sensitive and must be paid by the Tuition Payment Deadline, regardless of when they appear on your account or if an Account Summary has been sent. Outstanding tuition notification will be sent via email to the student's official UA email address. View account activity in UAccess.

Refer to the Dates and Deadlines by semester.

NOTE: Students with a balance of $0.00 or a balance due less then $2.00 will not be mailed an Account Summary.

Questions regarding charges for various campus services on your student account (i.e. campus housing, campus health, student insurance, meal plans, bookstore, parking tickets, etc.) should be directed to the issuing department office. We've compiled a list of department contact information for you.

Account Summary Due Dates

2018 Calendar Year
Bill DateDue DateWhat will be billed
1/16/20182/10/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
2/14/20183/13/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
3/16/20184/10/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
4/13/20185/8/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
5/10/20186/4/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
6/13/20187/9/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
7/23/20188/20/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
8/23/20189/20/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
9/24/201810/22/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
10/24/201811/14/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
11/16/201812/10/2018Debits $2.00 and greater and credits
12/12/20181/9/2019Debits $2.00 and greater and credits