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Excess Units Surcharge

Undergraduate students who have accumulated 145 or more units (credit hours) and have not yet completed a degree will be assessed a "per unit" Excess Units Surcharge in addition to tuition and fees for Fall and Spring semesters. A complete explanation of this policy, as well as a list of statutory exemptions, is available through the Arizona Board of Regents.

If you are being charged the Surcharge and you think you qualify for an exemption, contact the Registrar’s Office at reghelp [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu to request a review.

See a breakdown of the Excess Units Surcharge by semester below.

Spring 2018
1 unit147.00259.00
2 units294.00518.00
3 units441.00777.00
4 units588.001036.00
5 units735.001295.00
6 units882.001554.00
7 units1026.001813.00
8 units1026.002072.00
9 units1026.002331.00
10 units1026.002590.00
11 units1026.002849.00
12+ units1026.003106.00
1 unit120.00259.00
2 units240.00518.00
3 units360.00777.00
4 units480.001036.00
5 units600.001295.00
6 units720.001554.00
7 units838.001813.00
8 units838.002072.00
9 units838.002331.00
10 units838.002590.00
11 units838.002849.00
12+ units838.003106.00