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Guaranteed Mandatory Fees - Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are Guaranteed Mandatory Fees?
  2. What is the purpose and benefit of Guaranteed Mandatory Fees?
  3. Who qualifies for Guaranteed Mandatory Fees?
  4. Do I have to sign up for Guaranteed Mandatory Fees if I am an incoming student?
  5. I’m already a student at the UA main campus; am I eligible for Guaranteed Mandatory Fees?
  6. What if the first time I enroll is in the Spring semester?
  7. What if I need more than four (4) years to complete my degree?
  8. What if I am a part-time degree-seeking student?
  9. What if I am a non-degree-seeking student (part-time or full-time)?
  10. What if I start at the University of Arizona as a part-time degree-seeking student and then enroll full-time?
  11. Do Guaranteed Mandatory Fees apply to classes in the Summer or Winter semesters?
  12. What is the Guaranteed Mandatory Fees rate for students who enroll and attend University of Arizona for the first time during the Summer or Winter semester?
  13. I’m currently enrolled in high school but am taking University of Arizona courses. Does the Guaranteed Mandatory Fees rate apply to me?
  14. I am an international student. Does the Guaranteed Mandatory Fees rate apply to me?
  15. What if I need to take one regular semester (Fall or Spring) off for any reason?
  16. What if I need to take more than one semester off for any reason?
  17. What if I leave and need to be readmitted to the University of Arizona?
  18. What if I am academically disqualified?
  19. What if I need to withdraw from all my courses for a semester?
  20. Are transfer students eligible for four (4) years semesters at the Guaranteed Mandatory Fees rate?
  21. How does participation in study abroad affect someone paying the Guaranteed Mandatory Fees rate?
  22. What if I have applied to graduate, but do not actually graduate until a later semester? What happens to my Guaranteed Mandatory Fees status?
  23. How does this affect my scholarship or assistantship?
  24. What if I have additional questions?

Graduate Students: Go to for more specific information.