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Information Technology/Library Fee

The Arizona Board of Regents approved this mandatory fee in March 2006. It enhances the University's student learning environment and increases UA's capacities to meet digital environment expectations. UA students have high expectations for learning and living in today's digital environment, including wireless access in high traffic public locations and in all campus outdoor areas, library materials that are digitally available, and appropriately equipped classrooms. This fee will be directed to upgrade and expand the University's capacity to provide this essential operating environment.

This fee is applied in the following terms: FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER

This fee is refundable if dropping to 0 units, in accordance with the regular University refund policy.

Allocation prior to Fall 2013 - Information Technology 70% / Library 30%
For example in Fall 2012 the split for 12 units or more would be IT $140/Lib $60

Allocation between Fall 2013 and Summer 2017 - Information Technology 58% / Library 42%
Fall 2013 the split for 12 units or more will be IT $139.20/Lib $100.80

Allocation starting Fall 2017:
Continuing Students - Information Technology 58.3% / Library 41.7%
Fall 2017 the split for 12 units or more will be IT $140.00/Lib $100.00
Entering Students AY 17-18 & beyond - Information Technology 55.7% / Library 44.3%
Fall 2017 the split for 12 units or more will be IT $149.00/Lib $118.50