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About Your Bursar Account

What is a Bursar Account?

Your student "bursar" account is a central billing account for University tuition charges, department charges (student housing, meal plan, campus health, books, etc), miscellaneous fees, and receiving payments and financial aid. In most cases, a zero balance ($0.00) indicates that no payment is necessary.

Your bursar account is not a bank account for holding funds. Students are discouraged from keeping a credit balance on their accounts from overpayment or excess financial aid. In the same way, students should not allow balances owed to accumulate. Accounts with charges left unpaid beyond due dates are subject to late charges and other penalties. Your bursar account requires attention in order to avoid complications. Refer to Payment Policies for more information.

Important Information

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Note regarding Account Summaries:

  • New Students who attend an Orientation Presentation prior to our July Account Summary date will receive an Account Summary with balance information.
  • New Students who attend an Orientation Presentation after our July Account Summary date will not receive an Account Summary and must pay their anticipated balance in full by the due date to avoid any late payment charges.

Setting up your official E-mail account:

  • An official University email address is available for all students enrolled at The University of Arizona
  • All official notifications from the Bursar's Office will be sent to your email account. Go to the following website to set up your email address:
  • The University policy concerning email can be found at:

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