Accounting & Reconciling

Merchant Reports

All merchants have complete access to the details of the transactions via online reporting through the acquirer bank (Bank of America), Discover and American Express. Each online reporting application offers details regarding the transactions from sale to funding to the University depository account. Merchants can set up reports to be automatically emailed on a schedule of their choice. For details on setting this up, contact Campus Banking & Merchant Services.

Reporting portals are as follows:

Reviewing Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are provided to the merchant detailing the previous month's activity and expenses, including breakdowns for daily activity, credit card interchange rates, authorization rates, and equipment/services charges. It is the Merchant's responsibility to review monthly statements for accuracy. If a charge is incorrect, the merchant must contact Bank of America within 60 days of the statement date in order for Bank of America to correct the charges. If needed, contact Campus Banking & Merchant Services for further assistance.

Reconciling UAccess Financials to Account Activity

Point-of-sale (POS) machines, dial pay merchants, and e-commerce systems must be settled daily. Funds are deposited electronically into the University MasterCard/Visa account on behalf of the department.

  • All credit amounts will auto-book to the revenue account and object code.
  • All debit amounts will auto-book to the fees account and object code.

The mapping for the auto-booking to the departmental UAccess Financials account is based on the merchant number.

Departments should reconcile their UAccess Financials accounts monthly to verify that receipts, refunds and transfers have been posted correctly. Please be aware of the timing of deposits. UAccess Financials deposits occur generally at least 48-60 hours from transaction date.

Transferring Funds

  • Departments may transfer funds to another UAccess Financials account by completing a Distribution of Income and Expense (DI).
  • If a debit, such as chargeback or an adjustment, is auto-booked, the department will need to process a DI to move the adjustment or chargeback to properly offset the revenue account.


From time to time a customer may dispute a credit card payment they have made with the University of Arizona, which is called a chargeback. Departments are notified via My Clientline for Visa/Mastercard, while those with American Express and/or Discover will receive an email to review the chargeback online. Any notifications received by Financial Services Cash Accounting will be forwarded to the department.

Merchants must respond directly to the acquiring bank by the "respond by" date provided in the chargeback notification, and provide the requested information/documentation to demonstrate the legitimacy and appropriate processing of the original transaction. The acquiring bank has sole authority to determine if the chargeback will be reviewed and the cash receipts returned to the merchant.