Conference/Event Management

The University of Arizona has a master service agreement with the Eventbrite management application. Eventbrite is an easy-to-use application that offers a suite of services to facilitate online meeting promotion, registration, payment collection, and reporting. The services are based around a series of self-explanatory templates that allow a department to develop a customized meeting registration site. A help portal, online and offline resources, and live training are all available from Eventbrite.

To learn more about the many capabilities of the event manager applications, visit the Eventbrite website.

Establishing an Account

To use this service, contact to request an account. You will be provided a subaccount of the campus master account, which you manage.

  • All event or department personnel that have access to payment card information must view or attend Payment Card Security Awareness Training. Their signed Security Awareness Acknowledgment must be kept in department's records.
  • All accounting reports and reconciling of the event must be reviewed weekly and records retained according to the University retention period.


  • The current rates are 2.5% +$.99 per registration and a flat rate of 3.00% for credit card gateway fee
  • There is no set up fee
  • If the event is free, no registration charges are assessed

Customer Payments and Registration Fees

  • The registration fees are collected when the attendee registers. For simplicity, we suggest you include the registration fee in the event/conference registration.
  • You will be sent a net (registration minus registration fee) on a bi-weekly basis or after the event.

Taking Payments at Events

  • Electronically: Information can only be entered via a secure laptop which can only access Eventbrite. At no time will a department staff member enter credit card information through the Administration Registration function of Eventbrite, or on a University owned desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Contact your IT department to discuss the laptop security process.
  • If on-site/face-to-face transactions will occur, an analog point of sale terminal, cellular point of sale terminal, or phone authorization account may be rented from the Bursar’s Office. Contact Bursar to reserve as soon as possible, as these units are rented often.
  • Checks/cash may be accepted. Please see Cash Handling Policy 8.10 for guidance.

Other Event Management Solutions

The selection of Eventbrite is a campus agreement made through the University procurement process. Eventbrite was selected as a result of price and acceptance of our State statute agreement language. Other Event management services would not agree to the mandatory agreement language. Be aware that a department must discuss any vendor agreements through Financial Services Purchasing.