Becoming a Merchant

To accept bank/credit cards for the payment for products, events, workshops, courses, etc., a department must obtain a merchant ID through our acquirer bank (currently, Bank of America). The merchant must follow all compliance, security standards and policies established by the bank, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council and the University of Arizona.

The merchant is responsible for all credit card fees, terminal, authorization gateway, and compliance charges associated with acceptance of bank/credit cards. The bank/credit rates (interchange) are based on the type of card (AMEX, MC/Visa or Discover) utilized for the transaction.

  • MasterCard and Visa interchange rates are based on the type of credit card used, i.e., government, business purchasing card, international, rewards.
  • Discover and American Express have an established flat rate for the University.

A merchant must accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. However, a merchant may choose to accept American Express as well.

When pricing goods and services, it is good practice to include:

Fees and costs are tied to the type of acceptance method (e.g., e-commerce, terminal) and credit card (e.g., Visa/MC, Discover, AMEX, government, business, reward, etc.) used by the customer transaction.

Acceptance Methods

  • Point of Sale Swipe Desktop/Cellular Terminal: Face-to-face, mail, and phone order transactions
  • E-Commerce: Collecting, processing and authorizing credit card transactions through an authorization gateway
  • Third party vendors who control and maintain the e-commerce process on behalf of the department (e.g., hosted shopping carts and applications)

Establishing a Merchant Account

To establish a merchant account, the department must complete a Merchant Application and email it to

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Merchant Services at the above email, or call 520-621-5781.