Establishing an Outlet (Direct Deposit)

Definition of a Direct Deposit Department: A department that has been assigned a unique outlet/location number. It has daily or every other day deposits which...

  • Are picked up by a UAPD Police Aide or contracted Armored Carrier Services
  • Drop their secured deposit bag in the Bursar Night Deposit Vault
  • Bring their secured deposit bag in to the Bursar Office
  • Go directly to our partnering bank branch

To be established as a Direct Deposit Department, the department must contact the Bursar's Office Campus Banking Coordinator. A Department Deposit Outlet/Location form will be sent to the department to complete and return. On this form the department will identify a revenue account that funds will be deposited to. The Bursar's Office will order deposit slips and endorsement stamps with the assigned outlet/location number.

Departments that have been identified as a Direct Deposit Department will be set up to have deposits directly posted to the department's designated revenue account. .

Please refer to Policy 8.10 for complete instructions on receiving and depositing monies on behalf of The University of Arizona.

For further information, please contact the Bursar Banking Services Coordinator at 621-1711.