International Collection Items

International Collection Items are checks or currency intended for deposit which are not issued in US Dollars or that have been issued by a foreign bank.

International Collection Items require special handling by the Bursar’s Office and Wells Fargo, the University’s partnering bank:

  • Immediate credit to the department’s account for International Collection Items may not be granted.
  • Some International Collection Items may have a Collection Fee assessed. When the funds are returned back from the bank, the department will be notified if there is a Collection Fee.
    • Departments can avoid Collection Fees by requiring that checks be drawn against a US bank.
  • Items under the equivalent of US $250.00 will not be accepted since the bank will not accept for processing.
  • Items issued by a foreign bank in countries or in currencies listed in Attachment I will be accepted by the bank. If an item is issued by a foreign bank in countries or in currencies not listed in Attachment I, please contact the Campus Banking Coordinator to determine if the funds can be accepted.

Depositing International Collection Items


  • If the foreign check is not in US Dollars, departments should first calculate the current equivalent US dollar amount using a bank determined rate (known as the conversion rate) prior to depositing the funds with a Cash Receipt. Please call the Campus Banking Coordinator to obtain the conversion rate.
  • Record the converted amount on a Cash Receipt. All international collection items must be processed on individual UAccess Financials Cash Receipts and deposit slips.


  • Submit a written memo (NOT a Cash Receipt) to the Bursar’s Office listing the following information:
    • Type of currency
    • Amount
    • Account/object code funds are to be deposited to once converted
    • Department contact information
  • Once funds have been converted by the bank, a notification will be sent to the department contact providing the deposit’s Cash Receipt number.

Please contact the Campus Banking Coordinator for information.


Policy 8.10
Wells Fargo International Customer Service: 1-877-201-9639