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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bursar? It is an official in charge of funds, as at a college or university; a treasurer.

The Bursar's Office receives a number of questions each day regarding payments, refunds, financial aid, miscellaneous charges, and other information about student accounts. Listed below are the most common questions, grouped by subject, with links to the answers we've given.

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Billing Information

How do I know when my payment is due?
I added a class so when will I get a bill?
Should I wait for an account summary before paying my fees?
I am not attending this semester. Why do I keep getting a bill?
I have questions regarding a charge on my account. Who do I contact?
I'm a resident of Arizona. Why am I being charged non-resident tuition?
I'm a UA faculty (or staff) member/spouse/dependent. Don't I get a tuition waiver?
How can I update my address?
How can I find out my current account balance?
How can I get a record of charges and payment activity on my account?
What is Arizona Financial Aid Trust Fee, Freshman Fee, Health and Recreation Fee, Info Technology/Library Fee, Student Media Fee, Recreation Center Bond Fee, Recreation Center Program Fee and Student Services Fee?

Payment / Refund Information

Where can I find a list of tuition and fee rates?
How and when should I make payments?
Do you have a payment plan?
What should I do if I have a financial hold on my account?
How do I sign up for my refunds to go to directly to my bank account?

Financial Aid Information

Where can I get information about getting financial aid?
How do I pay my bill with my financial aid?
My financial aid has not posted to my account yet. What is the status?
My aid might not arrive by the payment deadline. Do I have to pay with my own funds?
Where is my financial aid money?

Graduate Student (GA) Information

Why is my health insurance still on my bill when my department pays for it?
How do I know how much to pay?