Dates and Deadlines

NOTE: If you register for additional classes after Account Statements have been mailed, you will not be mailed an Account Statement prior to the tuition payment deadline. Check UAccess for your current account balance.

Spring 2022 Deadlines

Begin accessing your account balance through UAccess. 12/03/2021
First Account Summaries printed. (After this date, check UAccess for updated account balance) 12/15/2021
Delivery of Financial Aid begins (checks mailed or by ACH). 01/05/2022
FIRST DAY OF CLASSES (for most colleges). 01/12/2022
Deadline to pay tuition ALL UNITS registered as of 1/9/2022 without late charges. 01/12/2022
$50.00 Late Payment Charge applied for tuition due 1/12/2022. 01/13/2022
$125.00 Unpaid Tuition Charge applied for unpaid tuition due 1/12/2022. 02/03/2022
Deadline to pay tuition ALL UNITS registered as of 1/10/2022 through 3/13/2022 without late charges. 03/15/2022
$50.00 Late Payment Charge applied for tuition due 3/15/2022. 03/16/2022
$125.00 Unpaid Tuition Charge applied for unpaid tuition due 3/15/2022. 04/06/2022
Last day of classes. 05/04/2022
See Refund Dates