Holds and Collections

When an account balance remains unpaid past the due date, it is considered past due. When an account becomes past due, University services will be withheld and the following impacts may be applied:

Monthly Charge


  • Bursar holds (BAR / BTH) will be added to the student account to prevent registration and withhold grades, transcripts and diplomas
  • Services will be automatically restored and holds will automatically be removed once the account is paid in full
  • Prior academic year charges cannot be paid with current academic year Federal Student Aid due to Title IV Regulations


When a student is no longer enrolled:

  • All past due debt may be referred to a collection agency
  • The debtor (student account holder) will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees
    • These fees are added to the account balance
    • Collection fees may increase the account balance by 30%
    • The student account will be reported to credit bureau(s)

Tax Refunds

To collect past due debt, the University of Arizona may also request student's state tax refund from the State of Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR). If the University is receiving any payment from a tax refund, written notifications will be sent to the account holder.