Payment Options

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The Bursar's Office accepts the following payments:

Online Payments (eCheck and Credit Card):

Students are encouraged to set up a Guest Center account for parents or others in their lives to make online payments on their behalf.

Once a payment has been submitted, it cannot be canceled.

  1. Log on to UAccess
  2. In the Finances section, click on "go to quickpay"
  3. Chose payment type (two options below)
  • eCheck (No Service Fee) to pay with a personal checking or savings account
    • Provide a U.S. bank account number and routing number to complete the payment (do not use a credit/debit card number)
    • If the account/routing numbers are not correct and result in a failed payment, a $25.00 Returned Check Fee will be charged to the student account
    • View eCheck instructions in Spanish | Chinese | Arabic
  • Credit Card (2.4% Service Fee) to pay with a credit/debit card
    • When a credit or debit card payment is made, the third-party processor Nelnet will charge a non-refundable 2.4% service fee, in addition to the University of Arizona payment amount
    • The University of Arizona accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit or debit card payments through UAccess
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Payment is available on UAccess 7 days a week (except during scheduled downtime: 11pm-3am Sunday nights).

Mail Payments

Personal checks, Cashiers checks, Traveler's checks, Money orders:

  • Made payable to: The University of Arizona
  • Write the 8-digit Student ID number on the front of the check
  • Payments must be issued in U.S. dollars, and drawn on, or payable through, a U.S. bank
  • If the check payment is returned by the bank for any reason, a $25.00 Returned Check Fee will be charged to the student account
  • See our mailing addresses for sending payments

529 / Prepaid or College Savings Plans:

Prepaid or College Savings Plan payments will be accepted via mailed checks. Prepaid or College Savings Plan payments should be mailed at least two weeks prior to the Tuition Payment Deadline to avoid Late Charges.

Notification of pending mailed payments (including 529 payments) does not exempt a student from Late Charges.

In-Person Payments

In-person service will be suspended effective March 23, 2020, until further notice. 
Personal checks, Cashier checks, Traveler's checks, Money orders, and Cash payments (U.S. dollars only) are accepted during normal office hours

Instead of Wire Transfers, international banks can provide Demand Drafts made in U.S. Dollars, payable through a U.S. bank.