Payment Policies

Tuition Payments

  • All payments for tuition must be received in the Bursar's Office by each semester's Tuition Payment Deadline
  • Payments received after the deadline, regardless of the postmark date, are considered late and are subject to Late Charges
  • If a student registers for additional courses after Account Statements have been mailed, a new Account Statement will not be sent prior to the Tuition Payment Deadline

Payments for Other Charges

  • Other charges are due as incurred; Account Statements are mailed once a month and include a due date
  • Charges not paid by the due date may be subject to a Past Due Balance Charge
  • Students may view their current account balance and make payments online using UAccess

Discount Rates

Students may only choose ONE discount rate each semester. Examples of discount rates include:

  • University of Arizona Online Percent Awards
  • GA Tuition Remission
  • Tuition Assistance (TA)

The Bursar's Office reserves the right to refuse credit/debit cards or checks for any transaction.