Tuition Payment Plan


  • Offered for the Fall and Spring semesters only
  • All tuition, program fees/differential tuition, fees and course fees are split into three (3) installments
  • There is a $75.00 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee for this service
    • Students must enroll prior to the Tuition Payment Deadline to avoid the Late Payment Charge
    • Any credit that posts to the student account while enrolled in the Tuition Payment Plan will pay toward future installments until the balance is zero
    • The Tuition Payment Plan is not available for Study Abroad charges, or Winter and Summer semesters
    • Refer to the Terms and Conditions for complete details


    • Students will enroll through their UAccess Student Center each semester (enrollment is not available in Guest Center)
      • In the Finances section, click the drop down titled "other financial..." then select "Enroll in Payment Plan" then click the arrow button to proceed
    • If a student is not able to enroll in the payment plan, they may have a hold on their UAccess account and should contact the department which placed it to resolve the hold (Campus Health, Advising, etc.). See Holds and Collections for more information.

    Fall 2020 Dates

    Enrollment available 7/21/2020 - 9/6/2020

    Installment Due Date
    1st Installment: Aug 24, 2020
    2nd Installment: Sep 24, 2020
    3rd Installment: Oct 25, 2020