Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

University of Arizona – Payment Plan Agreement

The terms listed below apply to all sections of the Payment Plan

By enrolling in a University of Arizona Payment Plan, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I must enroll in Payment Plans by the first day of the semester to avoid late payment charges.
  • I am responsible for paying each of the three installments on time even if I do not receive a reminder notice.
  • It is my responsibility to verify my class schedule and student account for accuracy on UAccess.
  • Payment in full for each installment plus any other billed charges must be received by the payment deadline to avoid late charges.
  • Checks returned for non-payment will result in a $25 service charge. Two dishonored checks will result in future ineligibility for the plan.
  • Financial Aid is handled separately from the Payment Plan.
  • Should it become necessary for the University to retain an attorney or collection agency to secure payment of any amount due, I will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees.
  • I am required to re-enroll each semester to participate in the Payment Plan.

By enrolling in the Tuition section of the Payment Plan, I agree to these additional terms and conditions:

  • The $75.00 enrollment fee for the tuition section of the Payment Plan is non-refundable.
  • I am responsible to pay tuition in full even if I do not attend classes. I must officially withdraw to obtain any available refund/reduction of balance. The last date for a 100% tuition refund is on the Dates and Deadlines page.
  • I agree to pay ALL tuition/fees on the plan. If I add or drop classes, I must check my account on UAccess or contact the Bursar's Office to determine the effect on the payments.