Frequently Asked Questions

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Billing Information

Check the semester Schedule of Classes, or go to the Bursar's Office Dates & Deadlines page.
The Bursar's Office sends account statement monthly. If you increase units, you may not receive an account statement before it is due. You should verify your account balance each time you change your registration by checking UAccess. Late fees apply to unpaid tuition whether or not you have been notified.
You do not need to have an account statement available to make your payment. Detailed payment options are available on our website. Please make sure your billing address is correct in UAccess. If you register or increase in units once the semester begins, you will NOT receive an account statement prior to the 21st day of the semester. Your account must be paid by the 21st day of the semester to avoid the $125.00 Unpaid Tuition Charge. You should verify your account balance each time you change your registration by checking UAccess. Late fees apply to unpaid tuition whether or not you have been notified.
Outstanding balances will generate a monthly account statement. If the balance is for registration into a course, and for any reason you will not be attending, you must drop or withdraw prior to the first day of the semester. Please remember that you are financially and academically responsible for your enrollment. Go to UAccess to verify enrollment, drop or add classes, check your account balance, or pay by checking, savings, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Effective May 5, 2014, credit and debit cards will be processed by a third-party vendor, Nelnet. When a credit or debit card payment is made, Nelnet will charge a 2.5% service fee, in addition to the University of Arizona payment amount.
It is important to identify the origin of the charge first. Various departments may place charges on your student account. Go to our Dispute Information to determine the type of charge and the department's contact information. The Bursar's Office is unable to provide details regarding another department's charges, nor can we adjust, correct, or remove these charges. You must contact the issuing department with any questions or disputes concerning their charge.

If your residency classification for tuition purposes is incorrect you should contact the Residency Classification Office.

Yes. Current benefits eligible faculty/staff members, as well as their spouses and dependents, can receive a Qualified Tuition Reduction each semester. Just submit a QTR Form to the Human Resources Office for approval prior to each semester/session that you enroll. Go to our QTR Information page for details.
  • To change or update your address(es) online, go to UAccess and select Personal, then Addresses. Account Statements are mailed to your Billing address. Refunds are mailed to your Mailing address.
  • To change or update your address(es) in person, go to the Registrar's Office, Administration Building Room 210.
  • For audit reasons, the Bursar's Office may not update student addresses.
You can view your current Account Balance on UAccess. Log in and click on Account Inquiry.
You can view all of the activity on your account on UAccess. From the Account Inquiry page, select "Activity". Contact the Bursar's Office directly for records prior to July 2010.
This charge is assessed monthly to accounts with any past due balance. Charges will be assessed at a $2 or 1.5% of the past due balance, whichever is greater. University services will be withheld until the account is paid in full. If further action is warranted, you will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees. Refer to Holds and Collections for more information.

Payment / Refund Information

Refer to Payment Options. Dates & Deadlines will vary each semester. Be sure to check dates prior to the start of each semester or session.
Yes, The University of Arizona offers a Tuition Payment Plan for the Fall and Spring semesters only. To enroll, go to UAccess and select 'Enroll in Payment Plan' from the drop down menu under Finance.
Pay any past due amounts on UAccess. Once you pay your past due balance in full, the service indicator will automatically be released.
On the main page in UAccess Student Center, under the "Finances" banner, select "Account Inquiry". Select the "Web Refund Enrollment" tab, then complete the bank information.

Financial Aid Information

  • Grants, loans, scholarships, stipends, and waivers will begin posting to student accounts within 10 days prior to the first day of the semester, if they have been received by the University and provided you have met all financial aid disbursement requirements.
  • Once your aid posts to your account, any balance due will be deducted.
  • If your aid was greater than your balance due, the residual funds will be delivered to you by check or electronically (ACH) to your bank account. To select ACH, go to UAccess and select 'Enroll in Web Refund' from the drop down menu under Finances.
You can verify awards, your award status, awards not appearing on your account, or other questions concerning the financial aid process in UAccess. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid if you need further assistance.
No, not if you have enough financial aid coming in to cover all of your tuition. If your financial aid is not reflected on your account, go to UAccess > Notices & Holds > Pending Financial Aid to verify that your tuition has been deferred pending the arrival of your financial aid. If your aid is not enough to pay all of your tuition, pay your portion by the due date to avoid late charges.
Check your Account Inquiry in UAccess and view the Activity screen to see if your financial aid has been applied to your student account. A debit with the description "refund" means that we have sent your residual funds. If you signed up for Web Refund on UAccess your money was sent via ACH. (Normally, it will take 2-3 business days for this money to appear in your bank account.) If you haven't enrolled in Web Refund, a check was mailed to you. If you do not receive it within 15 days, see Reissuing Checks. If your financial aid has not been applied to your student account, please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Graduate Student (GA) Information

GA benefits, including the payment of insurance, are processed after position information is entered into UAccess Employee and all position requirements (enrolled in six grad units, etc.) are satisfied. Please check with your hiring department for additional information.
Refer to the Tuition Calculator for tuition rates. A nonresident GA employed during the fall and/or spring academic semesters will be charged at the GA Reduced Tuition, equivalent to resident tuition, in place of nonresident tuition rates. You should select Resident in the fee calculator. The remaining tuition you need to pay out-of-pocket depends on your FTE, enrollment and dates of employment, and will only apply to standard graduate resident tuition. This coverage is limited to what is charged and is not applicable to other fees. GA Remission is 50% of the standard graduate resident tuition rate for those hired at a total FTE less than 0.50 and 100% for those hired at a total FTE greater than or equal to 0.50. You are responsible for the fees and any program or course-specific charges.