Refund Policies

Tuition and Fees

In order to be eligible for a refund of tuition, program fees and fees, students must drop courses or withdraw from the University by the specified Refund Dates. Tuition and fees will not be recalculated or reversed after the refund deadline. Students are responsible for all tuition and fees remaining on their account.

For Fall and Spring Semesters, tuition will be automatically recalculated or reversed before the refund deadline:

  • When Main Campus students drop below the unit caps indicated in the Cost of Tuition & Fees
  • When Online or Distance students drop units

For Summer and Winter Sessions, tuition will be automatically recalculated or reversed when students drop units by the specified Refund Dates.

Financial Aid Recipients should consult the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid regarding rules and regulations pertaining to ANY award if the student plans to drop units.