Cash Handling Training

Cash Handling and Receiving

Any University employee (Petty Cash/Change Fund custodian, staff, student and volunteer/docent) who is performing any part of the cashiering function (receiving, receipting, depositing and reconciling) is required to complete Cash Handling and Receiving training.  This training will review Policy 8.10, Robbery Safety Procedures, what to look for when accepting checks and credit cards and authenticating money. Employees are required to retake this training every two years.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how to make deposits and handle large amounts of cash
  • Learn the Bursar's Office and Financial Services responsibilities when it comes to handling and depositing monies
  • Learn how to reconcile your deposits to your accounts
  • UAPD presentation: What to do in case of a robbery
  • Learn the importance of having written cash receiving procedures
  • Learn how to keep undeposited funds safe
  • Recommended by Internal Audit for people who are accepting monies and/or making deposits on behalf of the University


Certification: Cash Handling and Receiving (EDGE Learning)

Please contact the Cashiering Services Coordinator to schedule an in-person training session for large groups.