Department Change Funds

Departments authorized to perform cashiering functions use Change Funds. Change Funds are cash advances that can be identified as long term (ongoing) or short term (less than 6 months). Never establish a Change Fund by withholding receipts from deposits to University accounts (Policy 8.10, Cashiering Function #15). Refer to Policy 8.15 for more information.

Petty Cash Funds are not to be used for Change Fund purposes. Refer to Policy 9.19 for questions regarding petty cash funds or email Financial Services Cash Management at

Departments that would like to perform cashiering functions must get approval from the Cashiering Services Coordinator. Departments must agree to comply with regulations outlined in Policy 8.10.

Please contact the Cashiering Services Coordinator for more information or to make arrangements.

If you experience problems reconciling the custodial agreement (Policy 8.10, Policy section #5), contact Financial Services Cash Management.